What is a Courage Circle?

A Courage Circle is simply a group or gathering of women who want to transform the way they think and act in response to the scary, unknown or uncertain things in life. Women who want to live courageous, faith-filled lives with full trust in God and His Word. Women who want to circle up together to tackle the beasts called fear, worry and doubt by walking the journey side by side.

Why a Courage Circle?

I am sure you’ve heard your pastor or church leader say, “Join a small group! That’s because within groups your potential to learn and grow expands. Together, with others, you feel known, heard and you position yourself to gain valuable insight from others. Plus, groups create community, accountability and they make life more fun!
When you start a Courage Circle, you open a space and a place for women to grow in courage and faith, and to openly and honestly discuss the important topics of fear, worry and doubt.

How Do I Start a Courage Circle?

If you feel the nudge in your heart to start a Courage Circle begin by praying. God might already by prompting you but it’s always wise to check in with Him first. Then, when you are ready to proceed follow these steps:



Make a list of women who might be interested in joining a group. Any size, big or small.



Decide on a start date, day of the week, time and location. Keep in mind you will need 11 weeks to complete the Chickening IN Study: opening week and 10 weeks for each chapter.



For small home groups either call or send an email invitation at least 2-3 weeks in advance with instructions and an RSVP date. Add the link to purchase the book and workbook. The videos only need to be purchase by the host for the entire group. If you’d like you can divide the cost of the videos up by the number of women in your group.



For churches, large groups and women’s studies schedule this as your summer, fall or springtime women’s book study. Watch the videos together but be sure to break into smaller discussion groups for greater connection, trust and growth.



A complete facilitator’s guide is included in the workbook. The work is done for you! Just follow the simple instructions each week.

Stronger. Braver. More Courageous Together.