“He picked up five smooth stones from a stream and put them in his shepherd’s bag. Then, armed only with his shepherd’s staff and sling, he started across to fight Goliath.” I Samuel 17:40


 When problems and challenges are big we often feel that we need to match the problem with a “like for like” solution. But monstrous sized problems don’t always have monstrous sized solutions. Think of the Israelites who had a giant sized problem named Goliath. No one…not even the strong and brave warriors of the day wanted to stand against him. But David, a shepherd boy was willing be part of the solution. David knew something that we can know too…the victory belongs to the Lord. He didn’t let fear or worry about what little he had stop him from taking action. He was confident that God was bigger.

In faith, David picked up 5 pebbles and advanced towards Goliath. It was “pebbles vs. a giant” battle that was getting ready to shock everyone. With one sling in the name of the Lord, Goliath came crashing down because rocks, no matter how small, are unstoppable in the hands of the Lord. Isn’t that good news? You don’t have to know all the answers to solving the Goliath problems in your life. You can be part of the solution when you pick up your pebbles, and like David, advance towards them in faith. God can do a lot with your little when you courageously pick up your pebbles and go.


Are you facing a Goliath sized problem today? What pebbles do you have to offer up to God? Will you courageously  pick up the pebbles you have and be part of the solution with God?