Are you feeling weary and worn down? Are you longing for life to return to pre-pandemic times? Sister, you are not alone. I am in need to of a haircut, a pedicure, a trip to see my family and a long lunch with my best friend. I’ve had good days and not so good days and while I am somewhat introverted, I miss in-person connection.

Technology has been a Saving grace. My Community Bible Study group has continued on via Zoom. We’ve been studying Genesis all year and we’ve reached the section about Joseph. Studying about his life during this pandemic has brought a new appreciation for what Joseph went through and it’s encouraged me to bravely look for a silver lining.

silver lining is an expression used to used to show hope during a gloomy situation.It’s recognizing that something good and positive can come out of the most difficult of circumstances. Instead of letting the hardship get you down it’s having the courage to look for the bright side of things.

No one can teach us more about silver linings than Joseph. His hardships were great! He was betrayed by his brothers, sold into slavery and then wrongly sent to prison. He was a boy with a God-sized dream whose pathway took many unexpected turns. But Joseph managed to stay true to God. With every difficulty he still did his best and he put his trust in God. Though Joseph went through enormous challenges that would cause many of us to grow weary and doubt God…he never did.

It’s interesting to note that God did not eliminate Joseph’s hardships. Instead He used them to develop his character. I know we all wish that God would swoop down and scoop up the difficult and uncomfortable things of life…the trials, the brokenness and the tragedies. But God was preparing Joesph for a major promotion that would save the lives of his family and many others. Could it be that God is preparing and refining us too? The silver lining of hard times is the character, strength and faith that is being developed in us just like in Joseph. Instead of growing weary and doubting God, like Joseph, we can trust in God and maybe like Joseph, God will use us in mighty ways!

It’s important to remember that all along God had a plan for Joseph and He has a plan for you too! 

It’s true we are living in a very difficult time right now. The pandemic has illuminated fear in everyone, including me. And as the days drag on, we may be tempted to become weary and impatient. In those moments discouragement presses in at full force, but we can rise up against this giant. We can stand strong and brave by focusing on what good can come out of this or what “good work” God is doing in and through us. I know it’s not an easy task sister, but let’s steer our attention towards the silver lining.

Today will you courageously look beyond the circumstances of life and instead believe that, even if you cannot see it right now, God has a silver lining planned you?

Many Blessings,

JJ Gutierrez

Author, Speaker & Courage Mentor

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