Have you ever felt extreme thirst?  Recently my family and I visited a Mayan Ruin in the jungle of Mexico. In the excitement, we failed to prepare well. A few miles into the four-hour tour we ran out of water. It was hot, humid and there was no relief in sight. As the drought settled into my mouth I could no longer enjoy the excursion…all I could think about was an ice-cold glass of water. My body was dehydrated, and at that moment, I was reminded that like physical dryness we can experience spiritual dryness too.

For women, summer is prime time for a spiritual drought to occur. Rigorous schedules filled with taking care of children, daily chores, errands, work inside or outside the home, ministries and Bible study are quickly replaced with vacations, BBQs, beach days, family gatherings and kids at home looking to you for entertainment. While the change in daily rhythms is refreshing, if we are not careful, we might inadvertently take a vacation from God too! Without realizing it, the busyness of summer, combined with the lack of routines can position us to experience a summer spiritual drought.

The idea of a spiritual drought reminds me of a woman in the Bible who didn’t have the water her soul desperately needed. She endured what one might call “a life-long drought.” Jesus met this woman at the well where she was fetching physical water for her physical thirst, but Jesus had a new kind of water to offer her. The Bible says,

People soon become thirsty again after drinking water. But the water I give them takes away thirst altogether. It becomes a perpetual spring within them, giving them eternal life.” (John 4:13-14)

The water Jesus presented to her was living water with a constant flow that would satisfy her innermost thirst…water for her soul. It’s an offering Jesus extends to us today, and it’s our responsibility to accept and drink His water.

With the excitement of summer plans, it’s easy to forget to stop and drink from Jesus. However, if we don’t prioritize Him, we will find ourselves in a summer spiritual drought. One way to avoid spiritual dryness is to regularly ask yourself this question, “Am I carving out time to drink from the well of Jesus?” Think of it like this… would you go days, weeks or even all summer without a physical drink of water? No way…that would be foolish and carry severe consequences. So why would you not drink the water your soul desperately needs? This summer, remember to drink often, drink plenty and drink intentionally of the living water of Jesus Christ.

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