For the protection of local police wives this is a “secret page” only viewable with the direct link. If you navigate way from this page, please click the link again to comeback. Also, to register for the local Inland Empire Blue Line Brides, please scroll to the bottom. Registration is not available on the publicly viewable website of Thanks!!

Blue Line Brides

Blue Line Brides is a Christ centered fellowship group for women seeking God in the midst of the law enforcement lifestyle. The top priority of this ministry is to create a safe and trusted environment for police wives to share, support one another, and to grow closer to God. Police wives face unique challenges but with God’s Word, community, and prayer- wives, their marriages, and families can thrive. Whether you’re a veteran, new in Christ or just exploring who God is, if you are a law enforcement wife living near the Inland Empire area of SoCal, we invite you to join us. Due to the sensitive nature of our discussions, we respectfully request ONLY active duty, sworn peace officers’ wives attend.

Meeting Times

First Monday Encouragement 6:00-8:00pm

Third Saturday Fellowship Hiking (cool months) and Coffee (warm months) 9am

Meeting Locations

For the safety of the group, locations are given ONLY to registered LEOW's.

Encouragement Night 2021-22

Armor of God for Police Wives

Police Wives, we are in a unique battle due to our husband’s line of work. This can leave us feeling defeated, tired, scared, and worried. The battle we are involved in is for peace of mind, strength for living, and hope for the future.

God instructs us to suit up but too often we forget or don’t understand the practical application of the armor He provides, and therefore we fail to use it. However, as police wives we have a unique perspective that God can use to grow our understanding…the knowledge of our LEO’s gear. We can study the Armor of God alongside our LEO’s uniform. As we are reminded of the reasons for our husbands’ uniform, we can look to God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to teach us about the Armor of God.

Knowing the “how and why” of the pieces of the Armor of God will prepare us to engage in our battles head-on, to resist the enemy, and to fight from a place of victory. Now more than ever, police wives need to suit-up because the battle has escalated and it’s real.

Book Coming Sept 2021

Calendar of Topics

OCTThe Battle is REAL, Put on the FULL UNIFORM

NOV–  The DUTY BELT of Truth

DECAnnual Favorite Things Christmas Party

JANThe BULLET PROOF VEST of Righteousness




MAYThe DUTY WEAPON of the Word



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For additional information or to ask a question, send an email to and we will respond within 48 hours.