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Blue Line Brides is a Christ centered fellowship group for women seeking God in the midst of the law enforcement lifestyle. The top priority of this ministry is to create a safe and trusted environment for police wives to share, support one another, and to grow closer to God. Police wives face unique challenges but with God’s Word, community, and prayer- wives, their marriages, and families can thrive. Whether you’re a veteran, new in Christ or just exploring who God is, if you are a law enforcement wife or in a serious relationship with a LEO, we invite you to join our Bible study interest list. Due to the sensitive nature of our discussions, we respectfully request ONLY active duty or retired, sworn peace officers’ wives, fiancés or girlfriends attend.

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The police wife life can often feel like a battlefield filled with unique challenges and trials. The temptation to grow weary or lose heart is strong. The war for peace of mind, strength for the road ahead and faith to trust in God is real. Knowing Scripture is the best defense in the battle. In fact, the Bible likens the Word of God to an offensive weapon, “…take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.” Ephesians 6:17 But to successful take up the Word, we’ve got to know it. To know it, we’ve got to read it, study it and memorize it.

This six step process, called the Know by Heart Memory Method, will help you memorize and internalize the most important words in your life – God’s words.

Know by Heart Memory Method:
  • Step 1 – Pray. Write. Read.
  • Step 2 – Examine the Verse
  • Step 3 – Examine Before & After
  • Step 4 – Examine Cross References
  • Step 5 – Putting it All Together
  • Step 6 – Personal Application

Each of these six steps will lead you on a journey through your Bible to study, learn and understand the biblical context and biblical application of the Scripture. This is a strictly Bible-focused approach. The best way to understand scripture is with scripture. So grab your Bible because you will need it! Just think when you complete this guided Scripture memory workbook you will have ten Bible verses stores accurately, contextually and permanently in your heart!

Get My Copy!
Get My Copy!

Bible Study Resources

For Wives and Kids

Police wives and police kids can learn about the Armor of God by considering the police uniform that LEO husbands and parents put on every day for work. Wives will deep dive into the each piece of armor by comparing it to the similar piece her LEO wears. While children will read a story about a police daughter who gets dressed in God’s armor just like her police daddy. Together police families can understand this important part of Scripture by learning how to put on the Armor of God.


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