I’m starting a book design business. This page is a work in progress. If you are an author seeking a book designer, please send me an email at hello@jjgutierrezauthor.com for a free consultation. I am offering a limited number of introductory price projects!

Are you an author ready to self-publish your masterpiece?

If so, congratulations! Only 3% of people who set out to write a book actually finish it and among the 3% even less go on to publish their work. But here you are… joining the 3% club and now it’s time to go the print! But getting your words formatted for publication can be intimidating and overwhelming. Making your book shine inside and out with professional style and design can be a challenge.

Maybe you need a book cover or interior layout designer?

Off loading the stress of trying to create your own book cover or interior layout frees up your time. As an author, your primary focus is the words in your book and preparing for your book launch (which is time consuming too!). Hiring a designer can give you back precious time so you can enjoy the process of bring your book baby into the world. It can also relieve the burden and hassle creating things you don’t feel equipped or gifted to do.

I'd love to help you! Here's a little bit about me...

I am a self-published author and a creator. I designed all 9 of my Bible study/book covers and interior layouts and in the process I discovered I really enjoy the process of making words look friendly and eye pleasing on paper. In fact I am so passionate about creating professional, visually appealing book interiors and covers that I am doing a brave thing…I am starting a book design business!

Currently, I am accepting a limited number of introductory offer design projects. I specialize in interior design for Bible studies, workbooks and interactive books. I also offer book cover design services too.

If you are interested, please send me an email at hello@jjgutierrezauthor.com to scheduled a 30 minute free consultation.

Portfolio Pictures Coming Soon!

In the meantime, to view my work you can visit my BOOK PAGE or visit Amazon and click on “read sample” on any one of my books (see book page for direct links). Also, I recently completed a project called Dear Disciple for Christian author Gena Anderson. You can view her book on Amazon here. Soon I will be adding a cookbook to my portfolio too! I am excited to see how God uses my design skills to help self-published author’s words shine bright!


Don’t forget to book your FREE consultation by sending at email to hello@jjgutierrezauthor.com.