“When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12


To escape the intense heat this last summer I rose early to walk my dog. The sweet smell of dew still in the air and daylight barely peaking over the horizon delighted my soul. I often use this time to pray, and as I walked and talked with the Lord, I became keenly aware of my surroundings…small birds chirping and a cool breeze touching my cheeks. But what really captured my attention was the sun. Day after day, without fail, it was faithful to shine.

Paying attention to the sun overwhelmed. It reminded me of God’s extraordinary vastness and of His loving kindness and provision. Each sunrise as I looked up, I thanked God. Though summer is over, I’ve continued my early strolls. A few days ago, I stepped outside expecting to meet the sun but instead I was greeted by dreary, foggy skies. Sunlight was nowhere to be found and it caused a pause in my prayers and in my thankfulness.

I stared up into the heavens straining to see the light of the sun, however, it seemed to be gone. I was sad. I asked God, “How can I be thankful for the gloomy sky before me?” And that’s when He refreshed my memory…though I could not see the sun, it was still there. The sun is always shining. My view of the sun does change its constant state of light.

Softly God continued speaking in my heart. He reminded me on days when life is hard, scary or filled with worry my view of Him becomes blurry and fuzzy and I doubt He is present. But just as the sun shines every day without fail so the Son shines every day in the lives of His children. The light of Jesus hinges not on my circumstances, feelings or problems…His light pours forth because He is light…the light of the world. No amount of gloom or darkness can stop Jesus from shining. So even cloudy days are cause for praise…they are a reminder that the Son shines whether I see Him or not.  



Next time you talk a walk look up at the sky. Regardless of the weather or the visibility of the sun, praise God for the constant shining of the sun and of the Son.