Dig deep into one of the most well-known and well-loved psalms of all time. Experience the comfort, peace, rest, protection and direction your soul desperately needs.


What is your soul's deepest need?

Do you long for inner peace and rest? Do you crave comfort in the depths of your soul where no other human being can reach? When facing difficult decisions or a fork in the road, do you want guidance and direction? When life is scary and you can’t see the road ahead do you yearn for courage and protection?

In this study you will dig deep into one of the most well-known and well-loved psalms of all time. It’s likely you have some knowledge of this short but powerful psalm. However, I am going to ask you to set aside what you’ve heard and learned in the past and start afresh. Let God’s Word do the work of teaching you about the Shepherd. Let God’s Word draw you close to the One who cares for your soul.

My hope is at the end of this study you’ll gain more than head knowledge of Psalm 23. It’s good to know about the Shepherd, but it’s better to personally know the Shepherd! May you develop a deep, heartfelt love & devotion for the Caretaker of your soul. May you find divine comfort, contentment, rest, protection & direction. May your soul declare with confidence, “The LORD is MY shepherd; I have everything I need” (Psalm 23:1)!


This Bible study uses the REAP Bible study method: Reflect, Explore, Apply and Pray.

  • REFLECT- Think deeply. Ponder one’s Heart. Look inward & respond.
  • EXPLORE– Read & study God’s Word. Analyze the truth.
  • APPLY– Implications. Actions. What does this mean to my life?
  • PRAY– In response to the study write your own ACTS Prayer.

6 Reasons to Study Psalm 23:

  • Grow more confident in God’s care.
  • Gain strength for the hills and valleys of life.
  • Find rest and peace for your soul.
  • Learn to hear God’s voice leading and guiding you.
  • Recognize God’s goodness and mercy in your life.
  • Develop a heartfelt connection with the Shepherd of your soul!

Included in the Bible study:

  • Verse by verse study of Psalm 23.
  • Explore Psalm 23 literary genre and author.
  • Thought provoking reflection questions to help you connect with the text.
  • Application section to help you apply Psalm 23 to your life.
  • Enrich your prayer life with space to write a weekly ACT prayer.
  • Facilitator’s guide with discussion questions.


Teen girls are in a transitionary season of life. A period of time between childhood and adulthood and while it’s exciting and fun, the road to womanhood is also confusing and scary. It’s a journey made up of hills and valleys. Thankfully, teen girls don’t have to travel alone. The same Shepherd that led David is ready to personally guide her too.
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Every woman experiences the ups and downs of life. At times, life is calm and fulfilling, but other times life is hard, challenging and might even feel impossible. During difficult days, a woman’s soul can become burdened by the realities right in front of her. She might want to give up. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to travel alone. The same Shepherd that led David is ready to personally guide her too.

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Police wives live a unique lifestyle characterized by honor & pride for the selfless sacrifice of her officer, but it also comes at a price. At times, the cost to her is inner turmoil, fear & uncertainty. Her soul can become burdened by the realities of this life. She’s on a journey filled with hills & valleys. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to travel alone. The same Shepherd that led David is ready to personally guide her too.

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Multiple Ways to Study Psalm 23!

Individual Study

Deepen your understanding of Psalm 23 and grow closer to your Shepherd by choosing the Psalm 23 Bible study that is right for you.

Teen Girls Group

Teen girl ministries, small home groups or homeschool co-ops will delight in utilizing Psalm 23 for Teen Girls as their Bible Study.

Mom and Teen Girl

Moms and teen girls can study the Bible together with their own version of Psalm 23 for Women and Psalm 23 for for Teen Girls.

Women's Group

Two friends, a small home group or women’s ministry, Psalm 23  for Women will be sure to grow women in the Word together.

Police Wives Group

LEOW’s can study Psalm 23 together, with teen daughters or non-LEOW friends when everyone gets the right version.

About the author


Psalm 23 is my favorite psalm. I love the Shepherd. He loves me. And He loves you too!

Several years ago I knew I’d write a Bible study on Psalm 23. This powerful psalm has only six verses but these six verse are very powerful. David shows us what it’s like to have a personal relationship with God through the metaphor of a sheep and a shepherd. I am the sheep and God is the Shepherd. I’ve received comfort, strength and courage because of the Shepherd’s tending in my life. My soul has peace even when life is upside down. I want that for you too!

Is the LORD your Shepherd? Grab a copy of Psalm 23 Bible study and grow closer to the Shepherd of your soul.

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