“Show me the path where I should walk, O LORD; point out the right road for me to follow.” Psalm 25:4 NLT


As you ponder Psalm 25:4 notice the position of surrender required. In order to be shown or guided by God having an open heart is necessary. Some women are gifted planners and the ability to create action plans is second nature. It’s so simple for her that God can easily get left out of the preparation process. Her pride and independence take the driver’s seat. While other women are quite the opposite. Attempting to make any kind of decision is scary for fear of making the wrong choice. This results in sinking faith and a lack of trust in God. She might find herself in a furry of overwhelming options paralyzed not knowing which road to take.

Both the avid planner and the indecisive woman need God to point out the right way. Only God knows the pathway to the future He has in mind for each type of His daughters. Letting go of your will in lieu of God’s rearranges your thoughts and opens your heart to see God’s leading. God’s primary way of showing the way is through the Bible and when you read and learn with on open heart God will fill you with wisdom that leads to knowing His way. Whether you are tempted to make plans without consulting God first or you are crippled by fear refusing to decide on anything, remember Psalm 25:4.  Pause, with a surrendered heart and pray asking God to show you where to walk…to point out the right road for you to follow.


Does planning come natural or do you retreat from moving forward because of fear? Will you let go of your natural tendency and humbly ask the Lord for help? Will you open your heart and allow Him to show you the way?