Motivating Teen Girls to Study God's Word has its Challenges.

A Study Made for Her is the Answer.

Identity According to the Bible

There is a full-fledged war to confuse teen girls about their true identity. The enemy doesn’t want girls to know who they are…he doesn’t want them to reach their complete potential in Christ. Through this workbook, teen girls will study specific verses that reveal their true identity according to God. They will practice fighting the lies of the world with Scripture! They will discover their value and worth which is priceless. Think of this workbook as serving a dual purpose – learning to study, memorize and internalize God’s Word while focusing on specific verses to teach girls their true identity in Christ.

10 Scripture to Know by Heart for Teen Girls is a 10-week Bible study for individual, small group, co-op, homeschool group or mother/daughter study. For moms, grab your parallel study HERE.

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What Others Are Saying...

GREAT STUDY FOR TEEN GIRLS! I love this study for teen girls. They can do it alone or alongside their mom with the 10 Scriptures to Know by Heart for Women. This study teaches girls how to really study Scripture, learn to know who God is, and equips them with verses they can carry in their heart to address issues that teens face. My daughter and I are doing it together and I’m excited for the many conversations it will spark. I highly recommend it!! ~ C. Landers

VERY ENCOURAGING FOR TEEN GIRLS! This was a beautiful study for my 12 and 17 yo teen girls. The Study gives great steps on breaking down each Bible verse and memorizing them. The study uses Bible verses that remind our teen girls who they are, their worth, and value in Christ. This is a great study for teen girls bible study group and I highly recommend. ~ M. Arreloa

PERFECT FOR TEEN GIRLS! My daughter did this study along with some friends. She was able to memorize several scriptures and understand how to study scripture better and read it in context. I highly recommend this and you can grab the women’s guide and do it along side your daughter. ~ Wendy

Experience Comfort, Rest, Protection & Direction

Teen girls are in a transitionary season of life. A period of time between childhood and adulthood. While it’s exciting and fun, the road to womanhood is also confusing and scary. It’s a journey made up of hills and valleys. Thankfully, teen girls don’t have to travel alone. The same Shepherd that led David is ready to personally guide her too. She’ll experience comfort, contentment, rest, protection and direction – everything her soul truly needs to navigate the teenage life.

Psalm 23 for Teen Girls is a 7-week Bible study for individual, small group, homeschool co-ops, or mother/daughter study. For moms, grab your parallel study HERE.

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What Others Are Saying...

GREAT STUDY FOR MOMS AND TEEN DAUGHTERS – My daughter and I did this study together (I had the women’s version) and it sparked great conversation. I like how it pulls you into the verses, breaks them down, and draws you into the heart of the passage. Stays true to scripture and teaches teens how to study their Bible. I definitely recommend doing this study with your teen daughter!! ~ C. Landers

WONDERFUL STUDY FOR TEENAGE GIRLS – In this day and age, teenage girls are under attack. They struggle with their identity in God. This book will help guide them through a good look at how God sees them, plus if you get the woman’s study you can do it along side of them. ~ B. Supelveda

PERFECT FOR TEEN GIRL HOMESCHOOL COOPS! My daughter did this study with other teen girls in our homeschool coop and it was spot on for what girls need in today’s world. Practical, relatable and written just for her! ~J. Akers

Have You Ever Wondered What Teen Girls Really Think About Bible Study?

After years of teaching Bible to teens, here are 5 things I learned and the best way to respond to them. Some of them might surprise you!

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A Note to Moms of Teen Girls

Mama, the war for your teen daughter’s heart is fierce. Lies about truth and identity dominate our culture. For young hearts, it’s tempting to follow the latest trends and forgo Christian values or maybe deny God all together. The best way to prepare your daughter to stand strong in the battle is to arm her with God’s truth.

I have formally taught the Bible to teens for over 6 years, raised 3 teen girls and been one myself. I’ve learned critical strategies and methods to capturing the attention of teens as well as how to present the Bible so it’s relevant to them. All of this knowledge was put to use when creating the “Teen Girls” Bible Studies. These studies are purposely designed to speak personally to the heart of teens.

It’s been a blessing to watch girls grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and in their relationship with Jesus. Mama, you can experience the blessing of watching your daughter grow in God too! Just pick a Bible study, organize a mother/daughter study or a small group with other teens and you’ll witness God’s Word working in her heart!

5 Things Teen Girls Really Think About Bible Study

Have you ever wondered what TEEN GIRLS really think about Bible study? After years of teaching Bible to teens, here are 5 things I learned and the best way to respond. Some of these might surprise you!