Do you love a man with a badge? If so, I have exciting news for you! The Armor of God for Police Wives is a one-of-a-kind Bible Study made just for you. In this special “reflective-style” study you will:
  • Compare the armor of God to your LEO’s uniform.
  • Discover the power of proactively suiting-up every day.
  • Understand the practical use of each piece of armor and apply it to your daily battles.
  • Stop living in defeat and start living in victory.
  • Dig into the Scriptures, the most powerful & transforming words of all.
  • Hear from the hearts of LEO wives all over the country in the dedicated question and answer sections.
  • BONUS: Grow closer to your husband with Police Marriage Conversation Starters!

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Like your badge wearing husband, you are in a war too. Not the front-line of crime, but a spiritual battle for your peace of mind and your standing in Christ.

Every day you watch your LEO “put on” his uniform to prepare him for the battles ahead. The gear he wears serves a purpose and is mandatory for the success of fighting crime. Like your husband, the Bible instructs you to suit up too. But, too often, we forget to get dressed in our spiritual armor or we lack understanding how to practically use each piece of armor.

LEOW it’s time to get dressed for the battles of life and the REAP Bible study approach included in the Armor of God for Police Wives is here to help!

With the REAP Bible Study approach you are invited into a process of deep personal reflection while digging into the most transforming words of all time…the Scriptures. The four-step process is interwoven to help you hear God speak as you learn to apply His truths to your daily battles. The goal of each chapter is to reap (gain, realize, and collect) practical, Biblical truths you can put into action right away.

  • Reflect- what you already know
  • Explore- what you need to learn
  • Apply- what you need to do
  • Pause & Pray- talking to God about it

Let's be real. Police wives face unique challenges!

 Fear of “the” knock at the door, single parenting syndrome, loneliness, cultural tensions, politics, and harassment can leave law enforcement wives fighting for their peace of mind. But just like our husbands suit up every day to fight crime, we can “get dressed” for the battles of life.


Ladies, let’s put on the Armor of God and start living in victory today!


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