Believe it or not, the most common question women ask me is, “What Bible should I buy?” I love this question because it means she is desiring a Bible that will give her greater understanding in her study of God’s Word. But with such a large variety of Bibles available it can feel intimidating and confusing. Plus, investing in a Bible is just that an investment because many Bible aren’t cheap.

The number mistake women make when buying a Bible is selecting it solely because of the color of the cover. Yes, we women like pretty colors, but that can lead to picking a Bible that won’t meet your needs. There is more to consider than if it’s teal green, purple or has a flowery cover.

First, identify the purpose your Bible will serve – is it for church, Bible study, Scripture journaling, devotional style or to add another version to your collection? For example, I have multiple Bibles that are used for different reasons. For studying, I have study Bibles, but they rarely leave my home because they are thick and heavy. For church, I have a slim and lightweight Bible that contains Bible text only…makes it easier to carry to church. I also have multiple translations so I can read Scriptures in a variety of translations…it helps me interpret Bible verses.

Next, what kind of translation do you prefer? Because we are all individuals God might speak clearly to you in one version and clearly to me in another. There is no right or wrong choice. Choose the version that is easiest for you to understand. If this is your first Bible you might not know what you like best. There are three type of translations and you can read more about them HERE.

Budget might play a huge part in selecting a Bible. Once you know the amount you can spend, look for what Bible are available in that price range. Amazon offers free shipping to Prime members which helps save money.

Ask friends! People you trust, who read their Bible, have experience they can pass on to you. That’s where I come in…I’ve been studying the Bible for over 27-years and I own many Bibles. Sometimes I wonder if I am a Bible hoarder! Here is what I share with women when they ask me:

  • If this is your first Bible or you want a Bible for Bible study that is easy to follow, I highly recommend the Tyndale NLT Life Application Study Bible, Third Edition, New Living Translation Bible. This Bible is the one every person should own. It’s filled with all the tools you need to study and learn God’s Word.
  • If you already have a study Bible and you want to add an additional Bible to enhance your Bible study, I highly recommend The Amplified Study Bible. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a fancy one. Just get a copy because the Bible text will add color and flavor to interpreting verses.
  • If you want to journal and dwell creatively in God’s Word, I recommend the Tyndale NLT Inspire Bible: Journaling and Coloring Bible. This is a visually pleasing Bible!
  • For a slim Bible to carry to church, I recommend ESV Large Print Value Thinline Bible. My Bible is purple and I love the lightweight, easy to carry style. This is a very inexpensive Bible that you could leave in your car so it’s always ready for church.

Buying a Bible is exciting. It’s also very personal. If you are in the market for a Bible, I hope these recommendations will help. Also, remember to pray and ask God to lead you to the Bible that is best for you.

Many Blessings My Friend,