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Dig deep into one of the most well-known and well-loved psalms of all time. Experience the comfort, peace, rest, protection and direction your soul desperately needs.

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Stay Refreshed During a Busy Season

Don’t Let a Busy Season Leave You Spiritually Dry. Drink Daily From the Word of God. Just 7 minutes a Day.

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Identity According to the Bible

The ten Scriptures in this book have been selected to address the full-fledged war against women and their true identity. The enemy doesn’t want women to know who they are…he doesn’t want them to reach their complete potential in Christ. Through this workbook, as women learn the process of memorizing and internalizing Scripture they will study specific verses related to their true identity according to God. They will practice fighting the lies of the world with Scripture! They will discover their value and worth which is priceless. Think of this workbook as serving a dual purpose – learning to study, memorize and internalize God’s Word while focusing on a specific verse to teach women their true identity in Christ.

10 Scriptures to Know by Heart for Women is a 10-week Bible study for individual, small group, women’s ministry or mother/daughter study. For moms, grab your teen daughter’s parallel study HERE.

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What Others Are Saying...

SUCH A GREAT BIBLICAL STUDY! If you’re looking for a great study that will teach you the context of verses and help you truly memorize them, look no further! This is a great biblically-based study that equips you to dive into, learn and really take to heart Scripture. It’s a great morning personal devotional, group study, or one you can even do alongside your teen daughter. I love how the author has you dig into the Word first to learn about who God is before you start the application. I highly recommend it!~ C. Landers

GREAT STUDY/DEVOTIONAL FOR WOMEN! I went through this study with the author JJ and loved it. You can do it by yourself or with your teen daughter along side you. With today’s world and what we’re going through it’s important to know these 10 scriptures to be able to defend ourselves but also remind ourselves that we are created and made in the image of God and we are loved. It’s also very important to know the verses before and after the scripture so we are not taking the word out of context, which this book does. ~ b. Sepulveda

LOVE THE SCRIPTURE WITHIN THE STUDY – I ordered this book to do along side my daughter she did the teen study. This is well written and I loved how the scripture was broken down and put into context within the scripture. This is an awesome study to do on your own or grab the teen one as well and do it with your daughter ~ Wendy

Experience Comfort, Rest, Protection & Direction

Every woman experiences the ups and downs of life. At times, life is calm and fulfilling, but other times life is hard, challenging and might even feel impossible. During difficult days, a woman’s soul can become burdened by the realities right in front of her. She might want to give up. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to travel alone. The same Shepherd that led David is ready to personally guide her too.

Psalm 23 for Women is a 7-week Bible study for individual, small group, church women’s group or mother/daughter study. For moms, grab your teen daughter a parallel study HERE.

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What Others Are Saying...

GREAT FOR A WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY! I used this book in a women’s Bible study and was a great tool for our study. This is one of my favorite Psalms that I always read but the book helped us dive deeper into its meaning. The book helped me understand, appreciate and love the Psalm even more. I highly recommend the book. My daughter also has the one for teen girls, that she used for her own Bible class and she loved it as well. ~ M. Arreloa

SO MUCH MORE THAN A BIBLE STUDY – This book really helped me understand Psalm 23. It’s broken down into applicable sections, even some English grammar in there!! Love the size of the book too, user friendly and helps to draw out the intention of David’s famous Psalm. Very highly recommend to do along side your teen daughter. ~ B. Sepluveda

WONDERFUL STUDY FOR WOMEN – If you are looking for an in-depth look at what it means for the Lord to be your Shepherd, look no further! Such a well written, biblically sound, and thought provoking study. The author draws you in and helps you uncover simple yet profound truths you’ve never realized before even if you’ve read this psalm 100s of times already. I love that I can do it along with my daughter who has the teen version as well! ~ K. Landers

Dear Sweet Friend!

Being a woman is both wonderful and challenging.  You might be a mom, a grandma, married, widowed, single, a career woman, a homeschool mom or retired…whatever your position in life, I’ve discovered two things that have helped me through each stage and age – Bible study and community.

God has so much to say to us as we navigate the hills and valleys of life. His Word offers strength, wisdom and courage for the journey. I’d be lost without the Bible.

In addition to God’s Word, women need each other. No one else can know the ups and downs of being a woman more than other women. I’ve found some of my closest friendships have come from Bible study. There’s something special about women studying God’s Word together.

If you don’t have a group, grab one of my women’s Bible studies, invite a few women and enjoy the benefits of studying God’s Word in community. In each study is a facilitator’s guide to help you get started.


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Don't Let a Busy Season Leave You Spiritually Dry. Drink Daily From the Word of God. Just 7 minutes a day. Get Your FREE Printable Copy Today!